Benefits of Membership

  • Networking opportunities with fellow mental-health professionals
  • Informative national and regional conferences
  • Free subscription to Con-Text, the journal of ACC, and the Courier newsletter
  • Opportunity to earn continuing-education credits
  • Prestigious Diplomate and Fellow status for those Clinical Members who quality

Annual Dues

  • Fellow: Annual dues $120
  • Diplomate: Annual dues $120
  • Clinical Member: Annual dues $100
  • International Clinical Affiliate Member: Annual dues $100
  • Clinical Member in Training: Annual dues $75
  • Associate Member: Annual dues $50
  • Student Member: Annual dues $25
  • Fellowship of Christian Counselors: Annual dues $50

In addition to your annual membership

  • Certification for Clinical Supervision: Annual dues $50

Other Certifications:

  • Professional Counselor Certification: Annual dues $150

Membership Types

Fellow status is the highest honor ACC can bestow upon a member and is awarded to members who have made outstanding contributions to ACC through participation and achievements, and have demonstrated excellence in their profession.  Applicants for Fellow status must have been a Diplomate in good standing for 3 consecutive years and/or be approved by three members of the Board of Governors.

Diplomate status is awarded to ACC members who have demonstrated excellence in their profession.  Applicants must be a member in good standing and submit a portfolio demonstrating a distinguished career as a helping professional with an outstanding record of service to others.

Fellow and Diplomate
A member may hold both Fellow and Diplomate status simultaneously.  A member admitted to Fellowship shall retain that status, unless resigned, revoked or terminated, notwithstanding the fact that s/he is subsequently admitted to Diplomate status, and vice versa.

Associate Member
Associate Member is one who desires to be associated with the American College of Counselors.

Clinical Member
A Clinical Member is one who is qualified by education and experience to offer individual and group counseling or therapy, in the public or private practice sector.  A Clinical Member may be a counselor, marriage and family therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, psychiatric nurse, pastoral counselor, or other mental health professional.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Master’s or Doctoral degree in behavioral science or related field
  • Presently involved in counseling, teaching, research, or administration
  • 1500 hours of supervised counseling, practicum, internship, or two full years of supervised clinical work International Clinical Affiliate Member

The International Clinical Affiliate membership is open to those who practice outside the United States.  Applicants must meet the educational and professional standards and qualifications in their country, subject to verification by the Board of Governors.

International Clinical Affiliate Member
International Clinical Affiliate Member is one who practices outside the United States and who meets the educational and professional standards and qualifications in their country to practice as a professional related to counseling as verified by the Executive Director.

Clinical Member-in-Training
Clinical Members-In-Training are those who have earned a master’s or doctoral degree from an accredited educational institution and are presently seeking to complete 1500 hours of supervised counseling.

Student Member
Student Member is one currently enrolled as a student in a nationally or regionally accredited college, university, or professional school.