The Men Behind the Coffee

Dr. Paul F. Wohlfeil has a Ph. D. in clinical psychology and has lived part-time in Costa Rica for 30+ years. For the last 16 + years he has lived in Branson West, Missouri and travels back and forth to Costa Rica to his micro coffee plantation. Since his retirement he has worked to develop specialized Costa Rican Coffee. He also has a mission commitment to help individuals in need of psychological, substance abusetreatment, and other health issues by providing pro bono (free services).

Mr. Larry Gifford, a renowned coffee roaster having 15+ years of experience, is an expert in roasting and blending procedures; has exceptional ability in compounding herbal infusion and other elements of coffee roasting rarely – if ever – found in the coffee roasting profession. He has helped Dr. Wohlfeil develop processes of precision roasting and “Pour Over” techniques. Larry lives in Missouri and has his own coffee roasting business, located in Ozark Missouri.He has an interest and background in Costa Rican organically grown coffee plus developing missions outreach programs to help troubled individuals.

Mr. Wady Zamora, a native Costa Rican, owns several coffee plantations growing organic coffees in fertile (volcanic) soil at proper elevation in rain forest areas. Mr. Zamora has 15+ years in developing high quality organic coffee.

Our coffee is supported through the American College of Counselors, the Noah’s Ark Project which is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization. Our coffee is high in antioxidants with enriched ingredients and thematically grown primarily for Arabica specialty coffees..

Dr. Walter “Mike” Billingsley is a professor and Dean of Academics at St. Martin’s College and Seminary. Dr. Mike has been living full time in Costa Rica for 9+ years. 

What is CBD?

Some of our products contain CBD. What is CBD or Cannabidiol? It is an cannabinoid that occurs naturally in cannabis. Found in flowers, seeds, and the stalk of cannabis plants, it includes hemp. Cannabidiol is among the several compounds that are found in cannabis sativa. Now a potential breakthrough therapeutic aid and nutritional component. Unlike the other cannabinoids, CBD occurs in significant amounts in cannabis.